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As a member of the NAM or leading state manufacturing association affiliate, you have unlimited access to the most complete manufacturing search engine of its kind for just $49.95/month or $500 annually and the first 30-days is free. Non-member subscription fees are $249.95/month or $2,500 annually and the first 30-days is free. For a complete list of state association affiliates, visit the State Affiliates page. To secure member pricing, simply contact the NAM or your state association for an exclusive promotion code.

If your business is located in a state without an official Manufacturers Marketplace state manufacturing association affiliate, please contact the NAM to consider membership or to identify the official NAM state affiliate association in your state. Then you can help us urge the association in your state to join the Marketplace program so that you may take full advantage of exclusive membership pricing and gain complete access to the Manufacturers Marketplace.

What does a Manufacturers Marketplace license include?

  • One license entitles unlimited users within the registered company to establish login credentials and perform unlimited searches in the Marketplace – no matter where they are located.
  • One license also grants the ability to fully enrich one business facility’s data profile in the Marketplace.
  • Beyond the basic prepopulated name, address, and sector information, users may enrich their chosen facility profile with a vast array of additional information, including equipment, certifications, processes, and much more.
  • Choice of the facility to which the license is assigned is up to the licensee.
  • If a company desires to enrich multiple locations’ profiles, individual licenses must be purchased for each
  • Please note: ONLY manufacturers are allowed to be listed in the directory. For more details please visit the ELIGIBILITY page.
  • Manufacturers Marketplace subscriptions must be renewed either monthly or annually via credit card.
  • As a user’s renewal date approaches, they will receive reminder notifications via email to renew their subscription, with instructions for contacting the NAM or their Marketplace state affiliate association to obtain a renewal promo code.



Association Member Price
$49.95/month or $500 Annually w/membership code
Non-Member Price
$249.95/month or $2,500 Annually

* Terms and conditions apply.

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